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Pelletronic Touch Heizsystemregelung

PELLETRONIC TOUCH - heating system controller


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  • NEW: Online weather data Regulates the heating system based on the weather forecast
  • NEW: myPelletronic app Incredibly simple operation away from home as well, and automatic energy saving mode
  • NEW: WLAN function No need for wiring in the boiler room

The Pelletronic Touch gives you complete control over your heating and hot water with a simple, user-friendly touch-screen interface.


In terms of an optimally tuned overall system characterised by ease of use, ÖkoFEN has set standards with its in-house development, the Pelletronic Touch. This innovative heating controller organises your entire energy system. It also has a modern touchscreen control panel. The clear colour display facilitates intuitive navigation. You can very easily define how you want to distribute the heat in your home.


One step ahead:

new software makes your heating system even more intelligentWith the latest operating system for the Pelletronic Touch, your heating system will have your best interests in mind and will reduce your heating bills even further in future.

Modern heating system controller

Use the clear, colour display in your home or connect to your system through the internet on your smartphone, tablet or PC - wherever you happen to be!


Click on the icon below to test the Pelletronic touch demo version:


Easy to operate

Easy to operate

You will find the navigation menu on the Pelletronic Touch immediately understandable. The clearly arranged, illuminated graphic display features both intuitive symbols and text, making all of the system’s functions available at the touch of a finger. The Pelletronic Touch doesn’t stand still. Software updates can be applied to every system as they are developed, keeping you at the cutting edge of technology.

The multi-talented controller

The multi-talented controller

The Pelletronic Touch puts you in control of your home’s entire heating and hot water system. Any combination of up to six heating circuits, three hot water boilers, three accumulator tanks and solar thermal systems, each with two solar cicuits, can be managed from the same controller. Cascade control for multi-boiler systems is also built into the Pelletronic Touch.

Mobile control

Mobile control

With the Pelletronic Touch, you have numerous convenient solutions at your fingertips.
- WLAN connection option for the controller
- Individual heating circuit designation
- Online function and smartphone app at no additional cost


Click here to test the intuitive demo version

Heating according to weather forecast

Heating according to weather forecast

The controller evaluates live online weather data for its location and regulates the heating system based on the expected hours of sunshine.
If sunny weather is expected, the controller reduces the room temperature completely automatically, thereby preventing overheating and saving valuable heating energy.

Utilise even more free energy

Utilise even more free energy

Good news for owners of solar thermal systems: The new Touch operating system prevents the boiler from heating if sunshine and consequently free energy can be expected from the collectors. This saves even more pellets.
The intelligent system uses the surplus energy freely available when the sun shines for convenient heating of rooms such as bathrooms or cellars.

Automatic energy saving mode

Automatic energy saving mode

As soon as you travel further than a self-defined distance from your home, the app reminds you to activate energy saving mode. This reduces the room temperature, thereby helping to save heating costs.
This function is made possible by intelligent networking of your smartphone with the heating system's operating system.

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  • Bright backlit 4.7” touch screen with 480 x 272 pixel resolution
  • Easy navigation with icons, text and colour coded menu guides
  • Software upgrade using USB connection
  • Elegant design high quality build
  • Remote control between living area and boiler room
  • Individual time and temperature controls for each heating circuit and domestic hot water
  • Cascade control for multiple boilers
  • Multi-level frost protection
  • „Intelligent“ control of boiler when combining solar heating with a Pellaqua tank
  • Floor and wall heating screed curing programme
  • Online weather data Regulates the heating system based on the weather forecast
  • Including free app for straightforward online access and automatic energy saving mode
  • Integrated online function Internet connection possible via LAN or WLAN
  • Solar yield measurement for increased subsidies and optimum evaluation
  • Specially developed for pellet heating systems in combination with a solar thermal system
  • Integrated frost protection, party and loft function

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