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PELLESOL solar collectors

Pellesol solar collectors

Beautifully designed
and from a single source

  • Meticulous workmanship for the best quality possible

  • Solar collectors perfectly matched with the ÖkoFEN boilers

  • The logical addition to an ecological heating system

  • Timeless design, simple frame

In the future, all heating systems will have integrated solar energy. But you can have it now.


Adding the ÖkoFEN Pellesol solar collector to the other components of our ecologically orientatedproduct range makes perfect sense. The specially coated aluminium absorber surface on the Pellesol collects the energy from the sun and stores it as heat in the accumulator tank.

Whether you opt for on-roof installation of solar collectors or choose close integration with your roof structure, ÖkoFEN can provide you with an attractively designed solution, built to the highest quality.

Save with solar energy

Save with solar energy

Make the most effective use of the sun’s free energy and enjoy substantial savings on your heating costs.


In the summer and whenever there is plenty of sunlight solar energy can meet almost all of your hot water and heating requirements.

Limitless availability

Limitless availability

The sun is an inexhaustible energy source. The radiation from it hitting the earth's surface every year corresponds to a thousand times the world's energy needs.

Unlike fossil fuels such as coal, gas, crude oil and uranium, it is unaffected by market speculation and available in unlimited quantities for billions of years.

For heating and hot water

For heating and hot water

The Pellesol collector is perfectly suited to domestic hot water heating, but it can be used just as well for supporting your central heating system.


  • Efficiency: 79%
  • Absorption: 95%
  • Reflection: 4%
  • Non-outgassing 50 mm rear panel insulation made of rock wool


Robust assembly system

Robust assembly system

ÖkoFEN Pellesol installations are supplied with an easy-to-use, robust assembly system made from aluminium and stainless steel and designed to match the finish on the collectors.


Our system guarantees swift and secure fitting that will maximise the service life of the entire system.

Surface area

Surface area

In a detached house, an estimated collector surface area of 1.5 m2 is required per resident for domestic hot water heating. This allows 60% of the annual DHW demand to be met by solar energy. The remaining 40% is provided by the pellet boiler.


For a detached house accommodating a family of four, with a roof pitch of 40° and orientation of 30° west, the calculation is as follows: 4 x 1.5 m2 = 6 m2 total collector surface area.

The right orientation

The right orientation

A south facing roof surface is ideal for achieving maximum efficiency from solar collectors. However, in principal, any unshaded surface can be suitable. Facade surfaces facing anywhere between south east and south west can also be considered. 


Where the orientation of the roof or wall is not ideal, a lower yield can be compensated for by increasing the total surface area of the collectors.

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In-roof mounting


Type                                                            Pellesol-a                   Pellesol-i                      
Installation type On-roof In-roof
Dimensions H x W x D mm 2,064 x 1,154 x 98 2,077 x 1,170 x 107
Total surface area m2 2.38 2.38
Light entry area m2 2.21 2.22
Absorbing area m2 2.20 2.20
Weight without heat transfer medium kg 43 53
Fill volume l 1.54 1.54
Max. operating pressure bar 10 10
Mounting angle 20° - 70° 20° - 75°

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