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Pellematic Plus

Condensing technology:
How does it work?

Modern condensing boilers make use of the heat contained in the flue gas. This gas is cooled to the point where the water vapour it holds condenses (returns to being liquid).


The left over heat is then fed back into the heating system, increasing the efficiency of the boiler and reducing fuel use.

A Pellematic Plus wood pellet boiler pays immediate dividends in your home.


Innovative condensing technology in the Pellematic Plus makes it an exceedingly efficient wood pellet boiler which can boost fuel savings by up to 12 per cent over non-condensing versions. A boost for your finances and the environment alike.


The Pellematic Plus takes the concept of an energy-saving heating system to its extreme, combining all of the benefits of the Pellematic pellet boiler with the addition of a carbon heat exchanger allowing the boiler to turn what would otherwise be wasted heat into usable energy.


Power ratings of our wood pellet boilers

The Pellematic Plus fuel saving heating with condensing technology is available in the following power ratings:

  • 10 kW
  • 12 kW
  • 15 kW
  • 20 kW
  • 25 kW
  • 32 kW





* In accordance with standard EN 303-5, the net calorific value of a fuel (energy content without energy held in the water) is used for calculating the efficiency. In calculations for condensing boilers, which can utilise the energy held in the water, this leads to efficiency levels of over 100%.


Installation examples

Flexi tank and heating system are up to 20 m apart.
Pellet store and heating system are up to 20 m apart.
Flexi tank and heating system are in one room.
Pellet storage room and heating system are side-by-side.
Energy gain

Energy gain

Clever condensing technology in the Pellematic Plus achieves impressive energy recovery from otherwise waste gas. The innovative heat exchanger captures the heat contained in the flue gas for an energy gain of up to 12 per cent, which translates directly into a reduction in fuel use. And that’s not all: Once this process is complete, the flue gas is expelled from the chimney at a temperature of only 30-40°C, instead of 120°C, demonstrating the efficiency of the process.

High-tech carbon material

High-tech carbon material

Carbon is used widely where heavy-duty material is required. Such as in the aerospace industry or in the heat exchanger of the Pellematic Plus. Its properties:High thermal conductivity, low weight, dirt-repellent surface and resistance to corrosion. The latter also improves the self-cleaning function of the boiler, making your pellet boiler almost completely maintenance-free.

Proven over years

Proven over years

In creating the world’s first pellet boiler with condensing technology, ÖkoFEN achieved another world first!


Since its launch in 2004 our heat exchanging technology has been continually refined and enhanced, including the introduction, in 2010, of the carbon heat exchanger which provides unsurpassed efficiency from a pellet boiler.

Cleanest technology

Cleanest technology

Our condensing boiler makes an already environmentally friendly form of heating even cleaner. Particles in the flue gas are absorbed into the condensate as part of the process and are flushed into the sewer system, rather than escaping up the chimney and into the atmosphere.
Consequently, condensing boilers boast the lowest particulate levels in the industry.



Products from ÖkoFEN are renowned for their reliability, ease of maintenance and longevity. You can benefit from pioneering
technologies such as condensing technology today or postpone your decision to a later date:
The carbon heat exchanger can be retrofitted to every Pellematic boiler (10 - 32 kW).



A low-temperature system with accumulator tank (e.g. the high quality ÖkoFEN Pellaqua) is required for optimum operation. The return temperature must be no more than 35°C.

Your chimney must be resistant to moisture and soot, sealed against condensation and suitable for solid fuels (CE or ÜA mark). The minimum diameter for connecting pipes and chimney is 130mm.

"The condensing boiler system has been working flawlessly for years and it provides us with additional savings in heating costs."

Jutta Schmidhofer, ÖkoFEN customer since 2004

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Waste heat used for heating. A heart made of carbon


Condensing technology including: flue gas heat exchanger, condensate siphon, flue pipe connectors and condensing heat exchanger.

The key technical features at a glance:

Condensing technology with carbon heat exchanger

Condensing technology with carbon heat exchanger

  • 12% additional fuel saving thanks to waste heat utilisation
  • Lowest dust emissions of 4 mg/MJ
  • Carbon for better self-cleaning and highest thermal conductivity
Pelletronic Touch programming unit for intuitive operation

Pelletronic Touch programming unit for intuitive operation

  • with a touchscreen display and self-explanatory graphics
Combustion chamber sensor detects pellet quality automatically

Combustion chamber sensor detects pellet quality automatically

  • Automatic adjustment of temperature and feed rate
  • Higher efficiency, lower emissions
  • Ideal for pellets of varying quality or post-processing
Comfort ash box for dust-free ash removal (optional)

Comfort ash box for dust-free ash removal (optional)

  • Compostable corn starch sack
  • Automatic notification when box is full
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Boiler Type

boiler - rated power kW 12 15 20 25 32
width - total mm 1130 1130 1130 1195 1195
width - boiler mm 700 700 700 761 761
height - boiler mm 1090 1090 1090 1290 1290
height - suction system mm 1400 1400 1400 1600 1600
depth - boiler mm 1080 1080 1080 1135 1135
depth burner mm 508 508 508 508 508
Flow/Return Dimemsions   inch 1" 1" 1" 5/4" 5/4"
Flow/Return connections mm 905 905 905 1110 1110
smoke tube ∅ mm 130 130 130 130 130
smoke tube connection mm 800 800 800 1000 1000
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