PELLEMATIC® Air - Wood pellet air furnace

Pellematic Air

Total comfort and reliable operation

  • Highest level of comfort
    - Fully automatic fuel feed
    - Maintenance-free operation for a whole year
    - Stable room temperatures
  • Touch control panel with Internet connection and App
  • Highly efficient and clean combustion

Wood pellet air furnace.

ÖkoFEN's first fully automatic wood pellet air furnace.


Pellematic Air - sets a milestone

The customer enjoys the usual ÖkoFEN comfort by constant room temperatures. This is possible by the known reliability of ÖkoFEN products, an intelligent heating control and four variable-speed high efficient fans. The regular visits to the heating room are a thing of the past.


Systematic storage solutions

The Pellematic Air is available with hand fuel feed or with automatic vacuum fuel feed models. The vacuum suction system enables the connection of the furnace to all storage room options and all Flexilo versions. It is possible to retrofit the vacuum suction system in the Pellematic Air with hand fuel feed.


Flexible possibilities

The Pellematic Air was namely designed for the US market, where it is mainly used in single-family homes. But it can go into service anywhere where there is no hydraulic heating system available. This makes sense, especially for heating construction sites, warehouse facilities, tents or stables. Also for drying applications in basements and construction sites or painting booths.


The reliable air furnace Pellematic Air is now available up to 30 kW (that´s nearly 100 000 BTU/hr). Large warehouse facilities can be supplied using several furnaces simultaneously.



Power ratings of our pellet boilers

The Pellematic pellet boiler is available in the following power ratings:

  • 21 kW modulation up to 7 kW
  • 30 kW modulation up to 10 kW


* TÜV test 2009, PE 15


Installation examples

Flexi tank and heating system are up to 20 m apart.


Thanks to the fully automatic operation, with automatic ignition and automatic heat exchanger cleaning, the regular visits to the heating room are a thing of the past.



The Pellematic Air ensures constant room temperatures. This is made possible by the intelligent Pelletronic heating control and four infinitely variable speed fans.



The pellets heating technology of the Pellematic Air uses many components used since 1997 by Pellematic product family. This technology has been tested more than 70,000 times and received 98% of Costumer Satisfaction.



Multi-segment burner plate, negative pressure monitoring and combustion chamber sensor ensure low emissions, constantly high efficiency and optimum adaptation of heating output to the building's requirements.



The Pellematic Air is available as manual filling version or with vacuum system. This system allows the connection with all the storage room and Flexilo variants. Of course the vacuum system can also be retrofitted.



With our Pelletronic touch heating circuit controller you can easily access the heating system and call up all of its data from a computer or smartphone, wherever you are. The mobile user interface is designed like the control panel on the furnace.



The technical refinements in detail:


  • Wide range of applications in large-scale projects
  • Fully automated pellet feed - hand fuel feed optional
  • Automatic ash removal and compression (compact ash box)
  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Internet connection for remote monitoring
  • Well-arranged illuminated graphic display
  • 30 kW adjustable in 1 kW steps
  • Long run times for higher efficiency - possible because of its revolutionary modulation
  • Newly designed furnace control for constant room temperature
  • One year maintenance-free
  • Heating power of 600-800 cubic metres of space
    with 30 kW
  • Easy installation
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Image enlargement
Furnace Type PEAIR21    |    PEAIR30
Furnace-rated power kW 21-7 kW      |     30-10 kW
Overall width of furnace mm 1196
Width of furnace casing mm 729
Height of furnace casing mm 1213
Height of pellet suction system mm 1595
Depth - total - inkl. cold air fan mm 1310
air intake/ outlet dimensions mm 600x600 / 500x300
Flue gas tube connection height   mm 150
Flue gas tube diameter (at the furnace) mm 150
Overall Weight kg 367

New building

Confortable and cost effective heating


A modern heating system proven many times over

Large scale projects

The potential called "efficiency"

Plumbers, Designers & Archtitects

As unique as the idea