PELLEMATIC® - Pellet boiler

Pellematic Pellet boiler

Modern heating technology saves energy

  • Almost 90% of household energy costs arise from heating and domestic hot water.

  • With the ÖkoFEN Pellematic, your heating is highly efficient and economical.

The efficiency of an OkoFEN wood pellet boiler ensures you can make savings where it matters most.

The OkoFEN Pellematic is where it all began.
When it was launched in 1997 it was the first type-approved, fully automatic pellet boiler on the market.


It was a pioneering invention at the time and has continued to be enhanced and refined to the finely tuned performer it is today, making it the perfect choice for anyone who is modernising a property or replacing their existing boiler.


Adaptable to your circumstances

The performance of the Pellematic is tailored precisely to your needs and if those needs change, through alteration or improvement to your home, it can easily adapt with you. You continue to enjoy low pellet consumption and perfect performance from a fully optimised boiler.


Power ratings of our pellet boilers

The Pellematic pellet boiler is available in the following power ratings:

  • 10 kW
  • 12 kW
  • 15 kW
  • 20 kW
  • 25 kW
  • 32 kW



* TÜV test 2009, PE 15


Installation examples

Flexi tank and heating system are up to 20 m apart.
Pellet store and heating system are up to 20 m apart.
Flexi tank and heating system are in one room.
Pellet storage room and heating system are side-by-side.
Pionnering principle

Pionnering principle

The Pellematic boiler created by ÖkoFEN founder, Herbert Ortner, set the standard for hugely efficient combustion from wood pellets. From the very beginning it was so advanced and reliable that other manufacturers adopted the technical principles applied by Herbert for their own products.

Worldwide a large number of pellet heating systems operate based on this principle. 

Flexible boiler output

Flexible boiler output

The Pellematic boiler can grow with your circumstances. If you extend or reconfigure your home, or enhance your insulation, the boiler can be adjusted to your new requirements in just a few simple steps, ensuring the power you achieve is precisely the power you need. No need for a new boiler!

This leads to increased efficiency; protects the environment and most importantly saves customers money.

Convenient & powerful

Convenient & powerful

The Pellematic boiler is simple to use. The need to empty the ash box is kept to a minimum through the highly efficient use of the fuel, but when it does have to be done it is a clean, simple and dust-free activity. The boiler’s controller will even tell you when the ash box needs to be emptied.

Everything else about the Pellematic boiler is fully automatic, with ignition, output adjustment and daily cleaning carried out without the need for you to intervene thus maintaining the boiler’s performance at maximum efficiency.

Expandable with solar

Expandable with solar

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between wood pellet heating or solar power, or be forced to install two separate systems.

An ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler can be integrated with the ÖkoFEN Pellesol solar collector and a Pellaqua accumulator tank, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy from multiple sources and the same reliable and high quality technology from a
trusted name.

Clean heating

Clean heating

ÖkoFEN is regarded across the industry as the inventor of the modern wood pellet boiler and the reason that pellet fuel is seen as a success story.


That pioneer status extends to ÖkoFEN’s commitment to environmental protection. Emissions from ÖkoFEN’s wood pellet boilers are way below legal limits and built-in sensor technology ensures they remain that way - permanently.

Safe & reliable

Safe & reliable

OkoFEN products are built to last and offer the ultimate in reliability. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and most accurate control systems for our boilers.

This ensures you can depend on your ÖkoFEN boiler for many years of reliable operation. In the exceptional event of a fault occurring, we will ensure a specialist pellet boiler service technician will have you up-and-running in no time.

"The comfort ash box only needs to be emptied approx. one to three times a year - virtually dust-free."

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Image enlargement
Kessel Type PE10B PE12B PE15B PE20B PE25B PE32B
Kessel Nennl. kW 10 12 15 20 25 32
Breite gesamt mm 1297 1297 1297 1297 1354 1354
Breite Kessel mm 700 700 700 700 756 756
Höhe Behälter mm 1571 1571 1571 1571 1571 1571
Tiefe Kessel mm 1080 1080 1080 1080 1135 1135
Einbringmaß mm 690 690 690 690 750 750
Füllvolumen Behälter Kg 130 130 130 130 130 130
VL / RL Dim.   Zoll 1" 1" 1" 1" 5/4" 5/4"
VL / RL Anschl. mm 905 905 905 905 1110 1110
Rauchrohr ∅ mm 130 130 130 130 150 150
Rauchrohr An. mm 800 800 800 800 1000 1000
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