Reason no.


Sustainable heating

Pellets are a renewable natural product and, unlike oil and uranium, they will still be available to future generations.

Conclusion: Wood pellets are future-proof!

Reason no.


Environmentally responsible heating

Pellet combustion is CO2-neutral. During the course of their growth, trees absorb CO2 that is released again during combustion – just like natural rotting in the forest.

Conclusion: Wood pellets are a CO2-neutral fuel!

Reason no.


Economical heating

The price comparison makes it clear: Wood pellets, the ecologically clean way to heat, are also economically attractive. Compared with fossil fuels such as fuel oil and natural gas, wood pellets are significantly cheaper. They are not only good for the environment, but also your wallet.

Conclusion: Wood pellets save money!

Reason no.


Resource-saving heating

No additional trees are felled to make pellets. Residual wood from wood processing is used for this purpose. Furthermore, more wood grows back in Austria and Europe every year than is taken out of the forests.

Conclusion: Wood pellets make optimum use of the raw material wood!

Reason no.


Independent heating

Pellets are a home-grown natural product. With wood pellets, you are independent of international crises and global developments.

Conclusion: Wood pellets are always available regionally!

Reason no.


Heating with regional fuel

When purchasing wood pellets, the added value remains in the country. This boosts the domestic economy and creates new jobs.

Conclusion: Wood pellets strengthen our economy!

Reason no.


Convenient heating

Pellets are extremely easy to handle. They can be delivered conveniently by lorry. Charging of the boiler takes place automatically by auger or vacuum suction system and operation of modern pellet boilers is completely maintenance-free.

Conclusion: Wood pellets are the convenient way to heat with wood!

Reason no.


Compact storage

Pellets require only half as much space as logs and only a quarter of that for wood chip. A year‘s supply for a modern detached house can be stored in an area of approx. 4 m².

Conclusion: Wood pellets are a genuine space miracle!
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Pellet -
Heat with
a clear conscience


As a naturally renewable fuel, wood is the best solution for a reliable and sustainable heat supply. Pellets are the most convenient version of the naturally regenerative energy source that is wood. Waste material arising from wood processing in the form of sawdust is compressed to make small wood cylinders that are an ideal fuel for combustion. This protects the environment, spares the climate and saves resources. 

When production losses and conflicts in the Middle East drove oil prices to acrobatic all-time highs in 1979/80, people began to search actively for alternative energy sources.

The first pellet furnaces were developed in the USA and large combustion plants in Sweden. Today Austrian manufacturers set the tone internationally, with small combustion systems in household sizes and commercial pellet boilers – technology "made in Austria" is exported throughout Europe, to the USA and Japan.

According to statistics, nine out of ten pellet boilers in France, for example, come from Austria and eight of those from Upper Austria.

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