The economical

and practical

heating controller

Flowtronic Heating Controller

FLOWTRONIC Heating Controller


Optimal boiler operation,
long burner running time

  • No additional electronics needed
  • No mixing valves needed
  • Existing pumps can be used
  • Economical solution with highest comfort

The Flowtronic heating controller is an economic solution for controlling an existing unmixed heating circuit as well as domestic hot water.



Easy to use and easy to install

Using the 4,7” touch display on the boiler for adjusting settings like time programs and the room thermostat for setting the desired room temperature makes this solution very easy to use for the home owner.

Because existing hydraulic can be used and only two wires are needed for the room thermostat the Flowtronic system is very easy to install and to set up.


Optimal boiler operation – continuous operation

Because the pump speed as well as the boiler modulation level are constantly adjusted according the increase or decrease of the room temperature the boiler is operated in a very efficient way. By installing the Flowtronic system the building’s hydronic installation acts like thermal storage.

Quick and simple to adapt<br>regulation concept

Quick and simple to adapt
regulation concept

Flow rate based control concepts like Y-Plan or S-Plan are well known in many countries.
The Flowtronic heating controller is designed to be adapted to these existing hydraulics while optimizing its operation. Together with the touch display on the Pellematic boiler this leads to an easy to install and easy to use solution.

Optimal boiler operation – longer running times.

Optimal boiler operation – longer running times.

For all biomass boiler installations the goal is to have as little starts and stops as possible in order to increase efficiency. With the Flowtronic concept that is achieved without additional equipment such as thermal storage. The flow rate of the pumps as well as the firing rate of the burner is constantly adapted according the room-temperature, the boiler-temperature and the outside-temperature. Therefore the whole building acts like a puffer tank and that leads to very low starts and stops.

Easy to operate-<br>all functions at hand

Easy to operate-
all functions at hand

All functions for one heating circuit and domestic hot water – such as operating mode and time programs – are available on the 4,7” touch display of the boiler. Further, the room thermostat with digital room temperature gauge enables the user to set the desired room temperature with ease.


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<strong>Flowtronic Heating Controller</strong>


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  • Suitable for heating systems with one unmixed heating circuit and domestic hot water
  • Easy to operate room thermostat with digital heat gauge
  • All functions for one heating circuit and Domestic Hot Water on the 4,7” touch display

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