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FLEXILO pellet silo

Flexilo Classic Pelletstank

Not everyone has the perfect cellar for storing wood pellets.


That’s why ÖkoFEN supplies a range of ready-made Flexilo fabric tanks in a various sizes, where wood pellets can be stored in a way that makes the best use of space and protects them from moisture. A total of 40 sizes are available, with a capacity ranging from 450kg to 12 tonnes. These include the Flexilo Compact, which boasts a much greater capacity than the standard model for the same size. With a ceiling height of only two metres you can accommodate up to 6.5 tonnes of pellets. An integral auger feeder and a flexible sloping floor design ensures the tank can be emptied completely.

Flexilo - Fabric tank

Flexilo - Fabric tank

These storage solutions have been specially designed for ÖkoFEN pellet boilers. The tank consists of a polyester fabric interwoven with metal thread.

The high-grade fabric is dust-tight, permeable to air and permanently anti-static. Installed quickly and simply, Flexilo fabric tanks are available in sizes from 450 kg (manual filling) to 12 tonnes with an auger discharge or vacuum suction system. Special sizes are available on request.

Small storage space

Small storage space

Compared to logs and woodchips, the storage requirement for wood pellets is minimal.

For a 150m 2 house you would need approximately twice as much space to store an annual supply of logs for a central heating and hot water system than you need for pellets. With wood-chips, this space would need to be four times the size!

Convenient delivery

Convenient delivery

Wood pellets are delivered to order and blown, cleanly and without fuss, into your storage area by hose. The tanker needs to be able to park within 30 metres of your pellet inlet. 


Using this efficient method ensures your pellet store is replenished within a matter of minutes and the storage space filled with the pleasant aroma of fresh wood.

Individual systems

Individual systems

The best storage method for your wood pellet supply depends upon the space you have available. This could be a flexi tank or a storage room. 


Equally, the method of feeding pellets to your boiler will be determined by the layout of the system. For a pellet store situated immediately adjacent to the boiler it feeds, an auger delivery system with a screw conveyor is the ideal choice. Over longer distances, a vacuum suction system will transport the wood pellets reliably to the heating system.

All under control

All under control

You can avoid having to judge when to re-order pellets (or even having to physically check) by equipping your storage room or flexi tank with our optional sensor. 


The sensor constantly checks stock levels and will recommend to you the ideal time to replenish, either through a message on the boiler control panel or to your mobile control module.

Keep clear of moisture

Keep clear of moisture

If the storage space available to you runs the risk of being damp, we would always advise the use of a secure flexi tank.


Because pellets absorb water, they can swell and become unusable if they come into contact with water, damp walls or other moist surfaces. The flexi tank removes this risk.


However, normal humidity levels, such as those which occur naturally in rooms throughout the year will do your pellet supply no harm.

"Our tip: Look for the ENplus seal of quality when purchasing pellets. This guarantees the best possible quality."

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Flexilo fabric tank
  • Special antistatic textile material, very strong,
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Economical
  • Flexible
  • Dustproof
  • Support frame of laminated timber
  • Can be installed outdoors if protected from rain and UV

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