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Dynamic growth and deep roots


The story of the modern pellet boiler began in a converted cowshed in Austria. In the mid-eighties, following the second oil crisis, Herbert Ortner set himself the goal of supplying homes with heat, without the need for fuel oil. Together with two employees, he started producing heating systems fuelled by woodchips. It soon became apparent that woodchips are only suitable for the farming sector or large systems.

On the other hand, wood pellets offered convincing benefits. However, these were little known and very scarce in Central Europe. Nevertheless, Ortner developed a device for them in 1997: Europe’s first fully automatic pellet boiler – the ÖkoFEN Pellematic range. Its technical convenience presented customers with an alternative to heating with oil.


The timber industry followed suit, turning what had previously been worthless sawdust into a high grade fuel – creating substantial added value. And because pellet boilers were becoming increasingly popular, ÖkoFEN ceased production of woodchip boilers in 1999. From then on, their attention was focussed on pellet boilers, which were now also being exported. Over the years we consolidated our position in the OEM sector, with brands such as Easypell.


Today, ÖkoFEN is Europe’s specialist in pellet heating systems, with a modern production facility and several hundred employees throughout Europe. ÖkoFEN has also paved the way for pellet heating technology beyond the borders of German-speaking countries. 60,000 installed systems, subsidiaries in 17 countries worldwide, and groundbreaking innovations justify the decision to specialise in pellets.

  1. One man - one pellet boiler. True to this motto, each engineer assembles each pellet boiler alone from A to Z.

  2. ÖkoFEN’s German head office has been located in Mickhausen near Augsburg since 2006.

  3. Home: The Mühlviertel, Upper Austria

  4. Component production in Purgstall, Lower Austria.

  5. Innovations are developed and tested on an ongoing basis in the Research & Development department.

  6. Everything in stock and ready for assembly – Made in Austria

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